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Save time and money by allowing us to simplify your new car purchase. You specify the make, model and options you want and allow us to find you the best possible price. We arrange financing, leasing and delivery. Delivery can be arranged at your home or place of business.

Having difficulty deciding which car is best for you? Whether to buy or lease? With over 25 years of experience in the automotive business we offer our assistance by recommending the right vehicle and financing to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our goal is to put you behind the wheel of your dream car for the best possible price, without the aggravation of haggling for hours with high-pressure salespeople. You decide what you want; then we negotiate directly with dealers on your behalf.

Unlike car dealerships, we do not have large overhead expenses to cover or quotas to meet. Since we do not buy a car until you need it, you pay only a small percentage of the sales price to us, not the financing and handling charges incurred when cars are purchased for inventory. Also, you can still take advantage of manufacturer’s discounts, rebates, financing incentives and warranties.